Consignment Store

Thank you for your interest in Saddlers Row Consignment!

Our Consignment Shop is the first place many of our customers check to find great deals on gently used items for all their riding needs. We also have a nice selection of equestrian gifts and home decor items from which to choose. And, when you’re ready to clean out your closet, tack trunk, or car (your significant other will appreciate it), we offer generous terms to place your items in the Consignment Shop.

If you have any questions, we can be reached at 847-776-6700


Have items you'd like to consign with us? Download the following forms for faster drop-off! 

Consignment Intake Form 6520    |    New Consignor Contract 7920

Consignment Drop Off Guidelines:

  • Only gently loved equestrian items will be accepted (limited to 25).  Items must be salable, that is, everything must be clean and in good repair: no rips, tears, holes, stains, dried mud, manure or excessive wear. 

  • All items need to be in a sealed disposable box or bag (PLEASE, NO PLASTIC CONTAINERS).  Clothing should be separate from everything else.

  • We will label your container(s) and set your items aside for 7 days before they are tagged and put out on the consignment floor

Items Saddlers Row Consignment DOES NOT Take:

  • Helmets

  • Safety Vests

  • Pull-On Tall Boots

  • Boot Pulls

  • Used Grooming Tools/Products

  • Show Shirts with Separate Collar (Ratcatchers)

  • STAINED/DAMAGED Clothing (including Show Shirts & Breeches)

  • DIRTY/DAMAGED or Excessively Worn Tack (of any kind)

  • DIRTY/DAMAGED Horse Blankets and Sheets

  • DIRTY/DAMAGED Saddle Pads

  • DIRTY/DAMAGED Clothing

  • DIRTY/DAMAGED Boots (of any kind)

  • Anything NOT horse related


DIRTY = food, dried mud, dirt, mold, manure, animal hair (including horse hair), etc.

DAMAGED = rips, tears, holes, stains, excessive wear, etc.


We appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times. We will get through this together!