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Horse Amour Peppermint Bit Wipes

  • Bit Wipes were created as a solution to the problem of proper bit care in a large lesson barn
  • We are a full time operating lesson stable and boarding barn, not a commercial manufacturer
  • Our Bit Wipes are handled personally in the basement of our house after chores each day, and shipped to retailers accross the country and to Canada
  • Since the addition of Bit Wipes in our barn, we have had great success with our horses taking the bit more readily and our students have an easy and fun way to take proper care of bits without the damaging effects of water on the bridle leather
  • Young horses who have been bitted from the start with regular use of Bit Wipes have quickly learned to reach for their bits, since they taste good
  • The wipes are also so gentle and refreshing that they are great for wiping around the muzzle and dock area as well, and for dirty hands and faces of riders
  • Peppermint is clean, fresh, 100% natural and has many health benefits attributed to it; from calming qualities for mental health to digestive benefits



40 wipes