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Saddle Fitting

The best saddle is one that fits you and your horse

A properly fitted saddle provides the widest range of motion for your horse while giving you the most balanced seat possible.

Our Saddle Fitters are trained by the Society of Master Saddlers UK to fit new saddles for peak performance.

We strongly suggest that you have your saddle fitted by a professional saddle fitter. As the Society of Master Saddlers states, "A small cost for regular check ups on your saddle is the route to savings worth hundreds of pounds in corrective treatments if you get it wrong."

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Saddle Trial Policies

Master Saddlers

Saddlers Row is an "Approved Retailer" of the Society of Master Saddlers, UK, which means we "employ knowledgeable staff and offer a proper repair service for items of saddlery by a society saddler."

As the most influential professional body in the world connected with saddlery, the Society of Master Saddlers has put enormous effort into improving saddle fitting standards including instituting what remains the only non-commercially linked saddle fitting qualification in the world.

How it Works

Step 1: In-store consultation

During your in-store consultation, you will try out different saddles in your price range and talk with the Saddle Fitter about your horse, your riding experience, and what you hope to accomplish with your new saddle.

Step 2: Home Visit

After you've chosen several potential saddles during your in-store consultation, our Saddle Fitter will come out to meet your horse. During your on-site consultation, the Saddle Fitter will take a template of your horse's back, try the different saddles that you've selected on your horse, and then ask you to ride in the saddles that appear to fit your horse so a proper evaluation can be made. Once you've made a decision on the saddle, our Saddle Fitter will then use the template to determine the exact size and width you and your horse need.

Fitting Saddles from a Distance

If you are considering purchasing a saddle from our online store, consider measuring your horse with our Wither Tracing Kit first.

Wither Tracing Kit

Once you measure your horse, send the wither tracings to our Saddle Fitter who will interpret them for you.

For more details about how to measure your horse for a new saddle, contact our Saddle Fitter.

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