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This is a dressage saddle with an extra-deep seat that is padded for comfort

This saddle has a point of balance toward the front, which allows the horse to bear the burden of the rider's weight on the strongest part of its back instead of the weakest part to the rear of the saddle beneath the cantle

The tree is made of a durable polycarbon material, which allows for both flexibility and support

The anatomically shaped panels are independent (versus integrated with the under flaps) and ensure greater freedom for the horse's movement

The panels are flocked with a synthetic material that minimizes clumping, alleviates pressure points and reduces the need for frequent re-flocking

The central portion of the panel is flatter, which means the saddle is more stable and the rider enjoys enhanced contact

It is fully lined in calfskin leather that has been double oiled
Color: Black
Seat: 16",   17",   18"
Tree: 28 cm,   29 cm,    30 cm,   31 cm,   32 cm,   33 cm,   34 cm,   35 cm,   36 cm,   37 cm

Saddlers Row Recommendation: The best saddle is one that fits you and your horse, so we strongly suggest that you have your saddle fitted by a professional saddle fitter. Click here for a list of saddle fitters in your state qualified by the Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) >

If there is not a professional saddle fitter in your location, consider ordering Saddlers Row's Wither Tracing Kit, which our SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter can help interpret for you. Saddlers Row Wither Tracing Kit > 

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